Raissa Chernushenko B.A., CST, C.I.M.I.
  • Certified Shiatsu Therapist (CST)
  • graduate of Kikkawa College 2 year, 2200 hr. diploma program (1994)
  • member of the Shiatsu Association of Ontario (S.T.A.O.)
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor (C.I.M.I.) (1995)
  • member of International Association of Infant Massage

Raissa’s varied background includes many years of dance training, a university degree in theatre, and training in psychodrama. She has even worked as a “standardized patient” helping teach interviewing skills to medical students.

One of Raissa’s visions has always been to help create a more nurturing and compassionate society, through reinforcing the value of respectful touch as a basic need and right within our family relationships.

She strongly believes in the importance of expanding our movement vocabulary on a regular basis, having  also studied T’ai Chi, Qi gong, yoga along with many dance styles.

As a lifelong traveler, Raissa has a sincere interest in people, and especially what brings each client to her door. She takes the time to truly listen, and address her understanding of  their personal concerns - regardless of age, race, culture or religion or economic status.

Raissa’s practice serves the Durham region. She lives in Oshawa with her husband and two children.

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